Google Chrome for Mac and Linux Is Out of Beta

I’ve been running WebKit nightly builds of Safari as my daily browser, but Chrome is good. I’m going to give it another go.

Safari really needs an option to automatically reopen pages that were left open. It’s crazy that Safari still defaults to the same poorly-chosen behavior of Mosaic from 1993 — where quitting the app implies closing and forgetting all open browser windows. I know about (and make daily use of) the “Reopen All Windows from Last Session” command in Safari’s History menu, but there should be an option to make it automatic, and in my opinion, it should be the default behavior. Closing windows and quitting the browser should not be related tasks. Update: Safari also still lacks a “Reopen Last Closed Tab” command.

The other big thing that’s missing (compared to both Chrome and Firefox) is a proper extension API. If only Apple had an imminent developer conference where they could unveil such a thing.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010