Kathryn Koegel of AdAge Is Shocked, Shocked, That Apple Won’t Answer Her Questions About iAds

Apple doesn’t answer questions about upcoming products, period, even when they’ve been pre-announced. The rest of her piece is oddly defensive:

Martin Nisenholtz, the executive in charge of The New York Times website, stood with Steve at the iPad launch to proudly show off his free ad-supported app. Is Martin going to say to Steve: “Yeah Steve, sell the New York Times in your network. I don’t need to have any say in what ads show up and let us take 40% of the revenue.” It seems unlikely the Times and other “branded” content sites will agree to Steve’s terms.

If anyone doesn’t want to use iAds, then they won’t use iAds. It’s very simple. It’s not like Apple is saying that iAds is the only allowable way to show ads in apps.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010