AT&T Changes Data Plans, Claims iPhone Tethering Is Coming at OS 4 Launch

They’re switching to two plans: $15/month for 200 MB, and $25/month for 2 GB. In the latter plan, each gigabyte of overage costs just $10. Sounds fair. And, finally, one year late, official support for iPhone tethering, for an extra $20/month. If you have a current “unlimited” plan, you can keep it if you want.

Personally, I’ve used about 2 GB total on my iPhone over the last four months, about 500 MB per month on average. I could blow past that easily, though, if I made heavy use of tethering — like, say, using it in lieu of $15/day hotel Wi-Fi for a week. These new rates aren’t cheap, but they seem reasonable, especially the overage charges. Sprint, for example, charges $50/GB over your limit.

This also means that people who think they can get by with 200 MB per month can cut their monthly iPhone bill significantly.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010