John C. Welch on the Actual Installer Inside Adobe’s Flash Player 10.1 ‘Installer’

John C. Welch:

If you download Flash, you get the ‘normal’ installer, which has all the silly chrome and the even sillier insistence that you quit browsers, etc. That kind of thing is really annoying, because it makes pushing the update out quite the pain in the keister.

However, if you crack open that installer, (ctrl-click on it and select “Show Package Contents” for the uninitiated), and go into the resources folder, you see a lovely file called “Adobe Flash Player.pkg”. That, dear readers, is a standard Mac OS X installer, that does not start forcing you to quit browsers. It is therefore, because of format and design, quite compatible with any number of IT tools, such as Apple Remote Desktop and others.

Good to know, but why do they bother with the wrapper installer, though? I mean look at this.

Thursday, 17 June 2010