Nice Job, New York Times

Story by Miguel Helft for The New York Times on the “disappearing bars depending how you hold it” iPhone 4 issue, based mostly on coverage of the issue by Gizmodo’s Jesus Diaz and Brian Lam, with no mention whatsoever of Gizmodo/Diaz/Lam’s — how shall we say? — rather testy relationship with Apple of late.

The best part? Despite the fact that the article is ostensibly about problems with the iPhone 4’s reception, it ends with this:

Even Brian Lam, Gizmodo’s editorial director, saw an upside to the iPhone 4, antenna problems and all. “We are paying attention to the antenna issue because it could be a big deal,” he said.

But Mr. Lam said that for years, he had not been able to use older iPhones to make calls from his home. That changed on Thursday, after he bought an iPhone 4. “I have made three hours of calls today,” he said.

“Antenna problems and all”, indeed.

Friday, 25 June 2010