Linked List: July 18, 2010

Palm Pre Attenuation 

Another check from Apple came in, so I’m posting another video of a competing smartphone that loses its signal when “held wrong”.

Droid Incredible Attenuation 

My linking to these videos proves that I’m a hack on Apple’s payroll.

Brad Stone Leaves New York Times for Bloomberg BusinessWeek 

It says something about the shifting pecking order that Stone would leave The Times. The thing about Bloomberg is that they’ve always understood that their product was information. Not any specific format — like, say, a printed newspaper, or a proprietary trader-desk terminal — but the information itself.

New Tron iPhone Game (iTunes Link) 

Free game from Disney. I love the description.

Can’t find the Android version yet; will post a link when I do.

Nexus One Attenuation 

Remember the press conference Google held back in February after videos like this were posted online? Good times.

But I Thought the RIM CEOs Said It Was Unacceptable to Claim Their Phones Suffer From Attenuation? 

Boy Genius:

Here is a handset that Apple didn’t specifically call out, the Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9650, and you can see it takes a nice hit when we hold it pretty firm in our hands. I’m pretty sure this has always happened, but I’m not sure I noticed until now. Plus it’s on Verizon.

FaceTime With Philippe Kahn in the Middle of the Pacific Ocean 

1,000 miles from land.