Zaky: Apple to Surpass Microsoft in Revenue This Quarter

Andy Zaky:

In fact, when Microsoft reports second quarter calendar results after the bell this afternoon, its likely that Apple will have surpassed Microsoft in revenue for the first time in the company’s recent history — and that it will continue to do so in the future. Apple reported $3.25 billion in net income ($3.51) on a whopping $15.7 billion in revenue on Tuesday, smashing analyst expectations, and reporting more or less in line with my forecast.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is expected to earn $4.1 billion in net income ($0.46 in EPS) on $15.26 billion in revenue when it releases results after the bell today. That is nearly $500 million less than what Apple reported in revenue this quarter.

Apple passed Microsoft in market cap a few months ago, and now revenue this quarter. The big one is net income — profit — and it’s looking like that might happen within the next year.

Thursday, 22 July 2010