Thomas Hawk on Switching to a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S From an iPhone 3GS

He likes it overall — both the phone itself and especially T-Mobile’s Bay Area service. But here’s what it’s like to connect it to his MacBook:

Connecting the phone to my MacBook Pro is a nightmare and not at all intuitive. Here are the steps I have to take. 1. Go to the main settings menu. 2. Go to the applications submenu. 3. Go to the Development submenu. 4. Select USB debugging. 5. Select my notifications bar at the top of my phone. 6. Pull this bar down. 7. Click on the Ongoing “USB Connected.” 8. Click on Mount. I then get two drives that show up on my Mac. Both are called “No Name.” One just has two folders: movies and music. The other has a bunch more of the phone files. This process is not at all intuitive.

Most people would never get this to work.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010