Future Claim Chowder on Tablet Market Share


In a Chinese-language interview with the Economic Daily News (EDN), JT Wang, chairman of Acer, said that he expects Apple’s iPad market share to drop from close to 100% currently to only 20%-30% after the tablet PC market stabilizes.

Sounds like a dramatic drop, but I’d say even if he’s got it exactly right, that’s enough for Apple to remain in first place. Imagine if Apple had 20-30 percent market share in desktop PCs.

Now imagine if he’s wrong and Apple’s long-term tablet share is more like 40 or 50 percent.

He also cited a research report indicating that the market share for Android smartphones has already surpassed that of iOS models, and noted that according to past experience, a closed platform will eventually lose to an open one, and that he believes Android simply needs a little more time before it turns strong, the paper added.

And the evidence of platforms winning solely on the basis of “openness” is what? And the Android handset maker selling more units or making more profit than Apple (or RIM) is who?

Wednesday, 25 August 2010