Is Verizon Set to Launch Their Own ‘V Cast’ Android App Store?

Taylor Wimberly at Android and Me:

On September 1st Verizon opened submissions for Android apps into their V CAST App Store. Entry into the store is completely free, but unlike the official Android Market (where anything goes) each app will go through a detailed evaluation and approval process prior to launch.

No information was provided on the launch window for the app store, but Verizon is hosting their developers conference on Sept. 21-22 so we should have more details soon.

If Verizon’s store is presented as an alternative to Google’s Android Market, this could be a good thing, both for users and developers. Competition is healthy. But what if Verizon is planning it as a replacement for Android Market? Is exclusivity a requirement for apps to get into the V Cast store — or can developers sell the same apps through both stores? If they’re exclusive, then it’s a way to prevent users from switching to an Android phone on any other carrier.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010