Some Photos I Took in Downtown Vegas on a Trip Back in July

All were taken with my then-brand-new iPhone 4, before the HDR feature was added in iOS 4.1. I didn’t take any other cameras with me on this trip — I thought it would be a good test of the iPhone 4 camera. I did process them using Lightroom, but I didn’t spend any more time on them than usual. For comparison, here’s the unprocessed version of my favorite shot from the set, (a) resized to 1371 × 1024 (465 KB); and (b) completely unaltered, right off the camera (2.2 MB).

I still adore and use my three-year-old Ricoh GR-D point-and-shoot, and the iPhone 4 camera isn’t that good (compared to my Ricoh, say) in low light, but with a phone camera this good, it’s hard to justify getting a new standalone point-and-shoot.

Friday, 24 September 2010