Barnes and Noble Nook Color

John Biggs, writing for AOL/CrunchGear:

It’s quite small and compact — much lighter than an iPad — and the UI is very handsome. Android users will be kind of miffed that the device doesn’t support the Android App Store, however, because B&N wants a “curated experience.” So much for the openness of Android.

It’s interesting because it’s only $249, but that still strikes me as a no-man’s land. A lot more expensive than the Kindle, a lot less capable than an iPad.

Update: Just watched the demo video in this post (Flash required, alas). The Nook Color is so painfully slow it makes me embarrassed for Barnes and Noble. Horrendous scrolling and zooming and touch responsiveness. Just horrendous. (Related: What in the world is Darrell Etherington smoking?)

Tuesday, 26 October 2010