David Pogue’s Galaxy Tab Review

He likes it:

Samsung sweated the details on this thing. The screen is gorgeous. The touch response is immediate and reliable. The whole thing is superfast and a pleasure to use. […]

But the Galaxy doesn’t feel like a cramped iPad. It feels like an extra-spacious Android phone. And the payoff is huge. The Galaxy is much lighter than the iPad (13 ounces vs. 1.5 pounds), which makes a huge difference when you have to hold it to watch a movie on the plane. And it’s so small you can carry it in a blazer pocket.

I can’t recall a device where the reviews have been so divided. Some are saying it’s good, and a credible iPad rival. Others are saying it’s garbage.

(Curious, too, that The Times copy desk let “superfast” through.)

Thursday, 11 November 2010