Apple Teases ‘Exciting Announcement From iTunes’ Tomorrow Morning

Screenshot of Apple’s homepage. I have no idea what this is about. Zilch.

Update 1: The question to keep in mind if you’re guessing what this about is, “What could Apple announce without a media event to explain and demo it?” Best guess I’ve heard so far: it’s just iOS 4.2, and the reason it says “from iTunes” is because iTunes (the app) is where you go to get the update. Apple wants everyone, especially iPad owners, to get this update. But that’s just a guess. Second guess: additional content deals for TV show rentals. Admittedly, neither of these seem like something we’ll “never forget”.

Update 2: A couple of readers are guessing “Beatles”, arguing that the clock faces vaguely resemble the album cover for “Help”. No onstage performance from Paul and Ringo, though? Maybe Yoko insisted on singing.

Monday, 15 November 2010