Nielsen Survey on the U.S. Smartphone Market

Two things stick out to me. One, by gender, there’s a big gap for Android with men and women: 32.6 percent of men say Android is the OS for their next smartphone purchase, versus only 22.8 percent of women. With the iPhone, the numbers are close: 28.6 for men, 30.9 for women. And the numbers are even closer for BlackBerry — Android is the only one of the big three U.S. mobile OSes with a big gender gap. I wonder how much of that is due specifically to Verizon’s Terminator-esque branding for “Droid”.

The other thing that sticks out is the difference between the results from current featurephone (i.e. dumb phone) owners and existing smartphone owners. The iPhone jumps from 25 to 35 percent, BlackBerry from 11 to 15 percent, and Android gets the same number from both (28 percent).

Wednesday, 1 December 2010