Engadget’s Live Coverage of Google’s Chrome Event

The Chrome App Store has a very original design: the best-selling lists are on the left instead of the right.

As Chrome evolves from a browser for Mac and Windows to its own OS, and Android expands from phones to tablets, Chrome OS and Android seem like competing platforms from rival companies.

Update: Seems like a big deal. Google really sees Chrome OS as a major play — and I can see how it might eat up a big chunk of the low-end PC notebook market. Maybe Chrome OS will do to Windows what Firefox (and, later, Chrome) did to IE? But why announce this so early? Actually shipping products based on Chrome OS are now pushed back to “mid 2011”. Seven, eight months from now? With no idea of actual pricing or performance, who knows whether it’ll actually be any good?

Update 2: The obvious answer occurred to me over dinner. Chrome OS was supposed to ship in 2010. They’re obviously way behind schedule. They wanted to show something.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010