Future iPhone Parts Caught on Video?

Andrew Munchbach:

A firm named GlobalDirectParts has put together a fairly extensive, five-plus minute video showcasing what they claim to be parts from Apple’s next generation iPhone (referred to as the iPhone 5 in the video). We get a crystal clear look at the charging-port flex-cable and outer aluminum skeleton of the device. There are several key differences between the iPhone 4 parts and the new parts we are being shown — displayed side by side in the video — including the absence of several of the black, plastic strips on the casing.

Crazy. My guess is that these are parts from N92, the upcoming (but as yet still unnannounced) CDMA iPhone 4. But why a SIM card slot? World compatibility?

Update: The video was pulled by YouTube, “due to a copyright claim by Apple, Inc.” SmartPhone Medic has a few pictures of the same parts, and, frankly, a few still photos are all you need to get the gist.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011