TapeDeck Goes Exclusive to the Mac App Store

Chris Liscio:

TapeDeck’s customers have made it clear to me that licensing and demo limitations are the largest blemish on TapeDeck’s reputation. I am so glad to finally offer an improved solution for customers from now on.

I am also looking forward to a better track record for product updates in the field. Many customers requesting support appear to still be using older copies of the software, having chosen to disable the automatic Sparkle updates. I can only assume that the Mac App Store will make this a better experience by offering system-wide update checking.

Free updates to the 1.x product will continue for paid customers of TapeDeck. It means a bit of extra maintenance on my part, but I will do my best to keep my existing customers happy.

TapeDeck is a great app — with the sort of look-and-feel that makes you think it was designed with the App Store in mind all along. I suspect it’ll do well there.

Friday, 7 January 2011