Glenn Beck: ‘Philadelphia Sucks’

This, one day after Beck’s radio show was canceled here in Philly:

Talk-radio host Glenn Beck took a shot at Philadelphia on the air Tuesday, calling the area around Independence Hall “the killing streets” and proclaiming that the city was “not a place you want to be.”

The remarks irked city officials. Mayor Nutter’s spokesman told The Inquirer that Beck was suffering from a case of “verb-arrhea.” Philadelphia Police Lt. Ray Evers called Beck “misinformed.” The historic district, Evers said, “is actually one of the safest parts of the city, if not the country, with the number of law enforcement. Who listens to him, anyway?”

I can vouch that the area around Independence Hall is almost absurdly safe. Philly radio host John DeBella is going to walk around there today with money literally hanging out of his pockets.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011