Fun With Numbers

Bruno Fernandezs on ITG’s claim that 15 percent of Galaxy Tabs have been returned vs. Samsung’s retort that “less than 2 percent” have been returned:

What if Samsung’s number is based on their distribution shipments of “2 million” units and the report numbers are based on actual sales (what stores would report). Let’s assume the “under 2%” is 1.8% to give them some wiggle room.

That means 36000 returns on 2 million units. For which 36000 is 16% of 225000 units. (100/16 = 6.25 × 36k = 225k)

That could mean only 225k units have actually been sold to customers, of which 36k have been returned. Or 250k if you use exactly 2% in calculation above.

In either case, it sounds like a runaway success to me.

Samsung could straighten all of this out in a minute if they’d just say how many Galaxy Tabs have actually been sold to customers.

Saturday, 5 February 2011