Apple Rumors Galore From the WSJ

Rumors include: reiteration of Bloomberg’s scoop last week of an upcoming smaller cheaper iPhone, making MobileMe a free service for cloud-based storage and syncing, and having iTunes media content (movies, music) stored in the cloud as well.

It’s the lack of cloud-based storage for media that keeps iOS devices tethered to a Mac or Windows PC for syncing. As for the smaller iPhone, I doubt the screen will be much smaller than 3.5 inches diagonally (if at all). I’m guessing it’s just thinner and with a smaller chin and forehead. But this Journal story says “One of the people, who saw a prototype of a new iPhone several months ago, said the new device is intended to be sold alongside the current line of iPhones and would be about half the size of the iPhone 4.” It’s unclear what “half the size” means, but surely it doesn’t mean a 1.75-inch diagonal screen.

Sunday, 13 February 2011