Josh Topolsky on the iPad 2

On the cameras:

Let’s just put this out there: the iPad 2 cameras are really pretty bad. They’re not unusable, but it’s clear that the sensors employed are not top shelf by any measure. If you have a fourth generation iPod touch with cameras, you can expect the same results. In fact, it seems to us that these are the SAME cameras used in the iPod touch — there’s an “HD” lens around back (which means it’s roughly a single megapixel shooter), and on the front you’ve got a lowly VGA cam. Neither one of these produces remotely satisfying results for still shots, and in particular (when compared with something like the Xoom), the back camera just seems utterly second rate. For video duties and FaceTime calls, the cameras are reasonably useful — but we would never trade a dedicated camera (or at least a smartphone with a 5+ megapixel shooter) for this.

On GarageBand (and, unlike me, Josh understands music):

Overall, this is a groundbreaking piece of software for tablets. It wasn’t without issues — in fact, we had some major, system-stalling crashes which required a reboot of the iPad. It’s clear that there are bugs to be worked out, and that despite that A5 CPU and increased memory, a music tracking and arranging app remains a fairly heavy piece of code. Still, we found ourselves completely fascinated by GarageBand and unable to put it down. Whether you’re tinkering, writing, or recording, this software’s value will be clear right from the start.

He includes two original songs created entirely on the iPad with GarageBand.

Thursday, 10 March 2011