ShopSavvy Android vs. iPhone Numbers

Alexander Muse, ShopSavvy:

For every ShopSavvy user with an iPhone there are four who have an Android phone. Our downloads per platform are maintaining this disparity. We assumed we were just popular on Android, but there is something much bigger going on. Consumers are flocking to Android in droves!

Interesting numbers, but even ComScore is only reporting a 33-25 percent U.S. market share lead for Android vs. the iPhone. 4-to-1 is off the charts. Maybe it’s that there are so many more competing apps for iOS? Maybe it’s that Android users are more interesting in bargain-hunting?

Update: The user-contributed reviews for ShopSavvy in the App Store are pretty mixed; many of them describe its bar-code scanning as slow and inaccurate, and suggest using Red Laser instead. So maybe it’s just an inferior app.

Monday, 4 April 2011