Bloomberg Businessweek Launches iPad App

David Kaplan, for PaidContent:

A number of publishers have been griping about Apple’s unwillingness to share consumer data related to its app, as well as restrictions on iPad subscriptions preventing publishers from directing readers to a browser or some other means for completing a transaction. Additionally, publishers who accept Apple’s subscription policy require in-app purchase offers to be extended at the same price as the same offer made elsewhere.

None of these issues is a problem for BBW, Oke Okaro, Bloomberg’s global head of mobile told paidContent. “We are very pleased with Apple’s terms,” he said in a recent interview.

You know what’s different about Bloomberg than other news publishers? Bloomberg has always been looking ahead. They’ve never been rooted in print. They never let their legacy business (proprietary insanely expensive hardware terminals) get in the way of moving forward with new opportunities.

Another difference: they’re profitable and financially healthy.

Here’s their pricing deal for the Businessweek iPad app: free for print subscribers, $2.99 per month for an iPad-only subscription. That’s it. Affordable, fair, and simple.

Monday, 11 April 2011