Deep Green 1.2

Speaking of putting the “magic” in iOS apps, Joachim Bondo has released a new version of his beautiful Deep Green chess game. Don’t let the 1.2 version number fool you: it’s a major update, including both Retina Display graphics for the iPhone and full support for the iPad. Deep Green was my favorite iOS chess app when it was released in 2008, and it remains my favorite today. (The best part: Deep Green was also my favorite Newton chess game, back in 1998.) $7.99 on the App Store — and existing Deep Green owners get the update for free. Bondo, on his weblog, announcing the update:

From the day the iPad was announced, more than a year ago, I wanted Deep Green to be a universal binary. You should’t have to manage several versions, and you certainly shouldn’t have to pay for it twice.

So great.

Monday, 25 April 2011