Where Apple Would Stand Without the iPhone and iPad?

Ole Begemann looks at Apple’s revenue by product line, from 2007 through now:

If the iPhone and iPad had not come, Apple’s revenue from fiscal Q2 2007 to Q2 2011 would have grown by a “mere” 119% instead of 466%.

It’s kind of an impossible “What if?” scenario, because much of Apple’s “iPod” revenue today comes from the iPod Touch, which is an iPhone-sans-phone, not an iPod-as-we-knew-it-circa-2006. But the fact remains: the iOS product line has fueled an astounding amount of growth for Apple.

(This is also worth keeping in mind regarding the whole “more revenue and profit than Microsoft” angle (which angle, yes, I just wrote about two entries ago claiming I didn’t “want to make too big a deal out of”): Microsoft’s revenue and profit haven’t faltered. Their just-reported results were record-breaking for the quarter, with revenue up 13 percent and profit up 31 percent, year-over-year. Apple passed Microsoft even though Microsoft’s numbers showed strong growth.)

Friday, 29 April 2011