Google Music Beta to Be Unveiled Tomorrow

Greg Sandoval, reporting for CNet:

“We’re launching a beta service called Music Beta by Google that lets users upload their personal music libraries to their own account on Google’s servers,” Levine told CNET. Users can “access those libraries anytime or anywhere from web connected devices”.

Why start talking to the press about this before the keynote address?

Levine said that Android owners will be able to access their libraries when offline as well.

While the service is still in beta, users will be able to join by invitation only. Initially, to access the service, users will require a browser that supports Flash — that means no Apple devices — or on any Android device that’s version 2.2 or higher, Levine said. Currently the service will start off in the United States only and will be free.

Presumably, where by “no Apple devices”, he meant “no iOS devices”. But still, the future of online music is Flash? And still no music store?

Monday, 9 May 2011