PCalc 2.4 for iOS

Long-time Mac developer James Thomson, developer of DragThing and PCalc, is one of the indies who’s been threatened by this in-app purchasing patent litigation. This patent thing is a shit deal for guys like James. He’s just one guy, designing and programming apps, supporting his customers. Lodsys is a company whose business is litigating patent lawsuits and extorting licensing fees. No matter what you think of their patent, on its merits, this sort of notice is a frightening and disheartening thing for a small business to receive.

I’ve known James for many years, and he’s a great guy with a ton of friends in the Mac and iOS developer community. And I’ve raved about PCalc many times before — it’s my favorite calculator app for iOS, hands-down. Let’s turn a bad day into a good one for him with a lot of sales of PCalc (and downloads of the free PCalc Lite, which also was updated today.)

Friday, 13 May 2011