Ryan Block: ‘It’s Time for Bill Gates to Come Back to Microsoft’

Ryan Block:

I’ve long seen it as a foregone conclusion that Ballmer isn’t the guy to be running what was until quite recently the world’s preeminent technology company. I don’t think many would shed a tear if Microsoft’s board put to an end what I like to call Ballmer’s “reign of error”, but the more pressing question is: who should replace him?

I think we all know damn well who — but I’m not so sure he’s available. Yet.

“Who should — or even could — succeed Ballmer?” is indeed a good question. Most of the internal candidates have been run out of the company recently: Ray Ozzie, Robbie Bach, J Allard. I don’t think Microsoft would hire an outsider — if Ballmer does leave, they’ll play it as a planned transition, not a shitcanning.

Sure would be dramatic for Gates to return. I don’t think he wants the gig, though.

Thursday, 26 May 2011