‘Brain Drain’, Indeed

Dan Lyons yesterday at The Daily Beast, on “Apple’s Brain Drain”, an “exodus” of top executives:

But in recent months two top lieutenants have left the company, and while it is way too early to say that Apple is in trouble, it seems we may be seeing a changing of the guard at the company, one that will mark the end of an era that began in 1996, when Jobs returned to the company he co-founded and launched the most remarkable turnaround in corporate history.

The latest defector is retail chief Ron Johnson, who announced yesterday he would be leaving to become CEO of retail giant J.C. Penney.

In March, Apple lost Bertrand Serlet, a revered software engineer who oversaw development of operating-system software for Macintosh computers. Serlet had been working with Jobs since the days of NeXT, the computer company Jobs founded in the 1980s after being tossed out of Apple.

“Defector”? “Exodus”?

Jobs has been out of the loop since January, when he announced he was going on yet another medical leave.

“Out of the loop”?

Pretty sure Lyons should have stuck to the Fake Steve schtick.

Friday, 17 June 2011