‘Cars 2’ to Be First Pixar Film on the Wrong Side of the Tomatometer

Russ Fischer, SlashFilm:

It’s only fair, I suppose, that if we run articles trumpeting the fact that other Pixar movies have achieved some form of massively positive consensus on Rotten Tomatoes, that when the company finally releases one that falls far short of the same margin, it would be worth noting. So this weekend will stand as a milestone in the history of Pixar, as Cars 2 opens to the first generally negative consensus opinion in the company’s experience.

Metacritic has it at 59, which isn’t bad — but it’s low by Pixar standards. It’s clearly not a dud — Ebert liked it, as did Peter Travers — but unlike almost all other Pixar films, it seems to be polarizing.

Friday, 24 June 2011