Jeffery Harrell on What’s Wrong With Final Cut Pro X

Jeffery Harrell:

This isn’t just a bunch of entitled, stubborn editors whining to each other. Well, I mean, it is, and I’m one of them. But aside from that, there’s also some really serious stuff going on. It’s not “I don’t like it,” or “I don’t prefer it” or even “I choose not to make the change because it’s too burdensome for too little benefit.” It’s “Because of the choices you guys made, we literally can’t use your product any more.”

Backed up with solid use-cases where Final Cut Pro X fails for pros, including the problems posed by the way Final Cut Pro X shows all of your media, for all projects, all the time. I love the perspective on this piece. It conveys the point of view of a professional editor.

Friday, 24 June 2011