Verizon’s New Smartphone Data Plans

Phil Goldstein, FierceWireless:

Verizon spokeswoman Brenda Raney told FierceWireless that new smartphone customers will choose from one of three options: $30 for 2 GB, $50 for 5 GB or $80 for 10 GB. There will be an overage charge of $10 per GB of data. Verizon will also charge $10 for 75 MB per month for feature phone users. AT&T Mobility charges $15 per month for 200 MB and $25 per month for 2 GB.

“Unlimited” hasn’t worked for the carriers, and has never truly meant unlimited anyway. If you use more than 2 GB per month you’re going to pay more, but this strikes me as fair, because most people don’t use that much data.

What I don’t get is why not offer everyone the $10 for 75 MB plan? Lower the monthly minimum and get more people to switch from feature phones to app phones.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011