Proposed Name for a Retina Display iPad 2: ‘iPad Pro’

Jin Kim:

This new high-end model will be called iPad Pro, not iPad 2 Plus. Why? Well, first Apple isn’t Samsung. The com­pany doesn’t add pre­fixes and suf­fixes except for ‘i’ and ‘Pro’.

If — and I think it’s a big if — Apple were to unveil an iPad 2 with a retina display, sold alongside the existing iPad 2 models as a premium option, then yeah, I think “iPad Pro” sounds about right.

But Apple still can’t make the existing iPads fast enough, and none of their competitors on the market seem to be making any dent in the market. So even if Apple could do a retina-display iPad this year, I’m not sure there’s any reason they should.

Monday, 11 July 2011