Sears Mistakenly Advertises iPad 2 for $69

John Cox, Network World:

No, you can’t buy an iPad 2 for $69, or even $179. But the mistaken, wildly low prices by a third-party reseller on Sears’ website has triggered an acrimonious debate on the retailer’s Facebook page, with nearly 400 customers weighing in. […]

The critics insist that Sears and GSM On Sale should honor the ad pricing even though it was a mistake. “your company should’ve honored their word and sold those IPads for $69 and stop being so greedy!! Think about the consumer who keeps you in business instead of always looking for ways to make a profit!” was posted by Kellee Whipple.

I don’t think Sears is the greedy one here.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011