Not a Good Sign for RIM


Tablets using Microsoft Corp software saw stronger sales than the high-profile Playbook from BlackBerry maker Research In Motion in the second quarter, according to Strategy Analytics.

Even though Microsoft has yet to launch a version of its Windows software designed specifically for tablet computers it still picked up a 4.6 percent share of the market in the second quarter compared with a 3.3 percent share for Playbook, which is based on RIM’s QNX software.

They say Android is up to 30 percent, and the iPad down to 61 percent, though. That doesn’t jibe at all with what I’ve seen with my own eyes on airplanes and in coffee shops. I see iPads everywhere. I’ve seen like maybe two or three Android tablets, total. If they’re selling one Android tablet for every two iPads, where are they? Other countries than the U.S., perhaps?

Update: Looks like those numbers are for units shipped, not units sold. Except that for Apple those numbers are one and the same, because they’re selling iPads as fast as they can make them. Judging by Google’s own numbers for Android OS versions in use, it sure seems like a lot of Android 3 tablets are sitting on store shelves.

Thursday, 21 July 2011