Apple TV Adds Support for Cloud-Based Storage of Purchased TV Shows

I just ran software update on my Apple TV 2 and got a new update that adds support for a major new feature: purchased TV shows. You can buy — not just rent but buy — new episodes directly from your Apple TV, and access and stream any TV show episodes you’ve previously purchased using your iTunes account. (I’m not quite sure if it has all episodes — but it’s showing me all the TV shows I can remember buying from iTunes.)

TV shows are also now listed in the “Purchased” section of the iTunes Store on your computer, iPhone, and iPad. In other words, Apple just rolled out a cloud-based storage locker for TV shows. Next up (I hope): movies.

The update also adds support for Vimeo.

Update: Might be U.S.-only, alas.

Update 2: It’s definitely not available for all shows, or, if it is, Apple hasn’t finished rolling it out yet — I’ve purchased all four seasons of Mad Men via iTunes and none of them appear in my account.

Update 3: Looks like it’s just a rollout thing. Three seasons of Mad Men are now in my Purchased list.

Monday, 1 August 2011