Analyst: iPhone 4 Remains Top-Selling US Smartphone Despite Growing iPhone 5 Hype

Neil Hughes at AppleInsider:

Analyst T. Michael Walkley with Canaccord Genuity revealed in a note to investors on Tuesday that checks with U.S. carriers indicate that sales of the iPhone 4 remain on top ahead of the iPhone 5 debut, despite the fact that the iPhone 4 is more than a year old.

“Our checks indicated strong sales of the iPhone 4, as it remained the top selling smartphone at AT&T and Verizon despite increasing consumer expectations for the iPhone 5 launch,” he wrote.

The first few years of the iPhone, sales would drop precipitously in the April/May/June quarter preceding the release of a widely expected new model. That doesn’t happen any more, because the iPhone is no longer a tech-nerd product. I’m sure sales of iPhones to tech nerds have dropped recently, but the iPhone is now a mass-market product.

Also worth remembering: the iPhone 4 has been on the market as the top-of-the-line iPhone far longer than any previous iPhone.

Oh, and the second-best-selling handset at AT&T for the last three months, according to the same analyst? The iPhone 3GS.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011