Mary Jo Foley: Desktop Apps Will Run on Windows 8 on ARM

Mary Jo Foley disputes the notion that Windows 8 on ARM machines might only support Metro apps:

The user interface (with the desktop mode as well as Metro) is going to be consistent across both X86 and ARM infrastructures. To repeat, the Desktop tile and experience will exist on both Windows 8 on x86/x64 and ARM hardware when Windows 8 is out (presumably next year).

Update: After sleeping on this, I still think Windows 8/ARM going Metro-only is on the table. Foley knows Microsoft far better than I do, and certainly has better sources there. She’s long been one of my favorite Microsoft beat reporters. So I don’t doubt that what she reports is currently the plan. But note that she doesn’t quote anyone, nor link to any definitive documentation from Microsoft stating that classic desktop apps will be available for Windows 8/ARM. What’s been conspicuous since Build is the lack of any definitive statement about this.

Monday, 19 September 2011