Decent overview by Chris Foresman of an as-yet-unsolved problem in the still-in-beta iCloud: what to do if you have multiple Apple IDs or a different Apple ID than your MobileMe account. But the headline — “Apple Scrambles to Merge Apple IDs to Stave Off iCloud Sync Mess” — isn’t supported by the reporting. Who says they’re scrambling?

Obviously Apple was aware of the situation from the beginning. It’s possible that they intended to ignore it, to tell people with multiple Apple IDs to just pick one going forward and forget about the other(s), and that all of a sudden, now, in September, they’ve changed their mind and at the last minute are trying to figure out a way to let users merge multiple accounts. It’s also possible that they’ve been working on account merging all along, and simply haven’t revealed it yet because it’s not ready. Does anyone enjoy headlines like this? Why not tack a “finally” in there, too?

Monday, 19 September 2011