Microsoft to Take 30 Percent Cut of Metro Apps Under Windows 8

Daniel Eran Dilger:

If Microsoft refuses to allow existing Windows apps to run on ARM tablets, that would force Apple to convert iTunes to a Metro app and begin paying it a 30 percent cut unless iTunes remained free, if Apple decided it made sense to distribute iTunes on Windows 8 tablets in the first place. Microsoft has not yet spelled out any plans to charge a 30 percent fee on in-app purchases, but such a policy would suddenly become possible on Windows once Microsoft erected its own Apple-like software store.

So many implications to this stuff. I doubt Apple would ever do a version of iTunes that goes through Microsoft’s app store, and they may not need to, even if Metro gains fast adoption. The purpose of iTunes for Windows is to support syncing stuff to iPods, iPhones, and iPads — but iCloud is intended to eliminate the Mac or PC as your digital hub. But still, it’s interesting to contemplate a Windows where iTunes isn’t allowed.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011