That’d Be Some Fall

Zach Epstein:

But an interesting takeaway from yesterday’s announcement may simply be that Apple has fallen from grace in some respects. Apple is fallible, even if the 4S ends up being a success. A company that could do no wrong in recent history just, well, did wrong in the eyes of pundits who had previously viewed every Apple product announcement as a gift from the heavens.

So even if it’s a success, it’s a fall from grace? And since when does Apple care what the pundits think? And since when are new Apple products met with universal acclaim from the pundits? Remember the original iPad? Lots of pundits thought it was boring. The knock on the iPad 2 was that it wasn’t better enough to encourage existing iPad owners to upgrade. Etc.

Were yesterday’s hardware announcements spectacular? No. But Apple product announcements seldom are. The show me something new and shiny pundits have never understood Apple.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011