Oh, That Explains the iPhone 4S Pre-Ordering Success

Wendy Li, writing for The International Business Times:

However, when iPhone 4S was launched, Apple fans were disappointed somehow, for they were expecting the redesigned iPhone 5 as rumors suggested. Naturally, many analysts had predicted a subdued response to iPhone 4S.

But no one foresaw that the tech genius Jobs would suddenly pass away, only one day after iPhone 4S was released. Jobs’ demise stirred sadness and grief around the world and it’s believed that Jobs’ untimely death has rocketed demand for iPhone 4S from consumers.

Sure, that’s the explanation. It certainly couldn’t be that people love what they’ve heard about the iPhone 4S and simply want to buy one and would have done the same even if Steve Jobs hadn’t died, and that the “4S is disappointing” naysayers are the same bunch of dummies who dismissed the iPad 2 and iPhone 3GS as well.

The initial disappointment was replaced by fans’ strong desire to remember Jobs, according to Barbara Sullivan, Managing Partner of Sullivan, a branding and marketing agency. “The preorders may also be part of respect for what Jobs has done,” she said. “It’s almost like putting flowers by his headquarters.”


Tuesday, 11 October 2011