Windows Phone, One Year In

Horace Dediu:

During the last quarter for which we have data (ending June) I have an estimate that Windows Phone sold only 1.4 million units (Gartner’s sell-through analysis suggests 1.7 million). That gives Microsoft a 1.3% share of units sold (Gartner 1.6%), a new low.

In other words, for that entire quarter, they sold about as many total Windows Phones as Apple sold iPhone 4S preorders last weekend. This must be frustrating for Microsoft — Windows Phone 7 is better than Android from what I’ve seen. And even if you disagree with that assessment, I don’t see how anyone could say its quality and appeal are proportionate to its sales figures. Getting traction in the market is hard.

(Anyone at Microsoft: I’d welcome a Mango phone to review. Get in touch if you can make that happen.)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011