iCloud Calendars Are Type-Specific

From BusyCal’s “Upgrading to iCloud” support page:

iCloud calendars are type-specific. Each iCloud calendar may contain either Events or To Dos, but not both. When you move your calendars to iCloud, each calendar will be split into two calendars — one for Events and one for To Dos.

This was a source of confusion for me, because iCal doesn’t list reminder-only calendars as separate calendars, but BusyCal and certain other CalDAV clients do.

E.g., with MobileMe, I had one calendar named “John”. When I upgraded from MobileMe to iCloud, that calendar was split in two — one for events, one for reminders — but both were named “John”. BusyCal shows two calendars, but iCal still shows just one. The app that handles this best is — perhaps unsurprisingly — the web-based iCloud Calendar app. There, calendars and reminder lists are presented in the source list as discrete items.

Thursday, 20 October 2011