Someone’s Starting to Get a Clue

From Anand Lal Shimpi’s review of the Asus Zenbook laptop:

In our earlier coverage I pointed out that ASUS had moved Microsoft’s required Certificate of Authenticity to the power brick, something that’s usually located on the system itself. Microsoft mandates the sticker’s placement on the system, however there is a clean PC program an OEM can apply for in order to somewhat skirt the requirement. ASUS did apply for and was approved, allowing it the luxury of moving that CoA sticker to the power adapter. While it does improve the beauty of the machine, it also means that if you lose your power adapter you do lose your CoA.

Microsoft and Intel were also petitioned to allow greyscale versions of their respective product logos. ASUS’ request was also approved, which is why you see less obnoxious Intel inside and Windows 7 stickers on the Zenbook.

Fewer stickers on the laptop itself, and the grayscale ones are more tasteful. But you know what’s cool? Not slapping stickers on laptops in the first place.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011