Apple Awards Top Executives $60 Million Stock Bonuses, Vesting in 2016

Josh Lowensohn, reporting for CNet:

The company on Wednesday doled out 150,000 shares each to most of its senior vice presidents, short of recently-minted SVP Eddy Cue, who received a slightly smaller 100,000-share bonus, and design guru Jonathan Ive, who is an SVP, but does not fall under the SEC’s section for directors, officers, and principal stockholders. That works out to just over a $60 million payday to those who got the 150,000 shares, with Cue’s cut coming out to a little more than $40 million, all based off today’s closing price.

Does that mean Ive might have gotten a bonus, but it didn’t need to be reported? Or that he didn’t get a bonus?

Update: Consensus via email and Twitter is that Ive is not a company director who falls under Rule 16 of the Securities Exchange Act.

Friday, 4 November 2011