Glenn Fleishman Reviews the Kindle Fire

Glenn Fleishman, writing for The Economist:

Early reviewers carped that the Fire was sluggish, and its web performance poor, especially compared to the iPad 2. That Babbage did not share this impression may be thanks to a last-minute operating system update that was required when first powering up the device. Once updated, the Fire was not perky, perhaps, but nor was it painfully slow. Some on-screen buttons did not respond unless tapped right in the middle and firmly, and swiping and dragging have a noticeable delay compared to an iPad. But that delay, even after hours of use, did not niggle as it does on other Android-based tablets.

Perhaps some of the performance/responsiveness gripes from Mossberg, Topolsky, et al were due to prerelease software.

Thursday, 17 November 2011