Charles Arthur on Misleading ‘Analysis’ of the So-Called Tablet Market

Great piece by Charles Arthur at The Guardian:

So Context is telling us that Apple sold more tablets in western Europe in September. Well, why not say so?

Perhaps because there’s a feeling that telling the same story — “Apple still dominates tablet market” — is a bit boring for them to put out on press releases. But this also leads to the faintly misleading releases that don’t actually reflect how the market actually is. Which, at the moment (as has been said before) is much more like the iPod market, where Apple dominated for years with a market share above 60%, than the smartphone market, where Apple is one among many players, with no single vendor dominating. (Android dominates at present, but no single vendor has more than 20%).

I’d say these press releases are more than “faintly” misleading.

Sunday, 27 November 2011