5 Minutes on The Verge: Paul Thurrott

Interesting interview by Thomas Houston:

Q: Is Ballmer still the man for the job?

A: No, and Ballmer was never the right man for the job, which pains me to say because I really like the guy. Microsoft is an engineering driven company, and it needs a voice at the top who understands this world, and not a salesman. My vote is for Steven Sinofksy.

I agree. And I agree about this too:

To use Steve Jobs’ terms, Windows on ARM is a car and Windows on Intel is a truck. If Microsoft is successful in this transition, ARM becomes the volume version of Windows and the company splits the market for “mainstream computing devices” somewhat evenly with iOS and Android. If not, Microsoft is relegated to the truck market. Or what we might call the business PC market.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011